PLAY PIECES | Sex Furniture Collection by Domhnall Nolan
Interior & Furniture Design
London, UK
Darkrooms in sex clubs aren’t usually associated with design sophistication which justifiably makes Irish-born, London-based designer Domhnall Nolan’s latest project, PLAY PIECES a revelation. Commissioned by London’s newest queer kink night, Joyride, Nolan presents a mini collection of erotic furniture – a modular piece that can be used as a bed, loveseat and saddle among other things, a spanking bench and a cage wall – which arouse as much as they intrigue in their minimalist refinement and whimsical versatility. A self-described “subtle maximalist”, Nolan drew inspiration from vintage gym equipment and the sexual culture of the 1970’s, imbuing the series with his signature “chic sensuality” with an aim in to recalibrate “our collective ideas of kink furniture and create something that marries the worlds of design, sex and aesthetics”. Featured on Dezeen, Yatzer & Designboom.